Friday, November 20, 2015

Tips and Tricks for the Sims 4

Playing the Sims 4 for quite sometime now and I have come up with tips and tricks that I know can help you guys play the game better. You may have been familiar some of these things but I am positive that most of you are not, so let us get started.

The first thing that can help you playing with the Sims 4 is the keyboard shortcut for scaling up and down things. The trick is you need to press simultaneously SHIFT and the bracket accordingly. If you want it scaled up, then press this key in your keyboard (]), otherwise, if you want it scaled down then press ([). It is worth noting that you can’t shrink things from its original size but you can always make it bigger. How to Make Free Gold - Find out how to make 30,000 free gold a month in Game of War. Get the only working Game of War Hack Tool that generates unlimited Gold and lot more!

Now the second trick that you should know when playing the game is how to stop the annoying tutorial pop ups. I know you have been bothered by this, so let us fix it. All you need to do is minimize your game and go to your desktop. After which, you need to go to Origin and right click on the Sims 4 and click on game properties. You need to add on the command line section this line “–no_tutorial”. Of course, if you are not yet familiar with the game, it would be better not to disable this feature.

The next tip is about rotating objects in two different modes. If you might have noticed already the mechanism for this feature in the Sims 4 full download crack is totally different from all other previous Sims game. The first way is to hold the item and then tap the right most one to rotate. Or you can simply switch back to the old control system provided in the options menu. It is up to you which technique will suit you better.

Another trick that comes in handy playing this game is to play a custom playlist of music while gaming. What you need to do is to go to the game directory and locate the “Custom Music” folder and put on you favorite music according to its genre. This will then be played in the different radio station that you can hear while playing.

The last tip and I guess the most obvious one is to invest buying relatively expensive furniture because doing so will give an advantage as you deal with your Sims. Take for example a cheap bed will usually give your Sim a sour back, while an expensive one will help him recover faster. The same goes with the shower, the expensive shower lets your Sim get cleaner faster than those cheap ones.

I hope this tips and tricks will help you when you play with the Sims 4. Do not forget to bookmark it and share it with your friends who love playing the Sims 4 like you do.

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